akut Makita 85052 18V/3000mAh Li-ion BL1830 BL1815 194205-3 LXT400 (yhteensopiva)


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100% yhteensopiva alkuperäisen akun
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Uusi, nopea toimitus
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Uusi akut Makita 85052 18V/3000mAh Li-ion BL1830 BL1815 194205-3 LXT400 (yhteensopiva)

SKU: BL1830-134
Saatavuus: Varastossa
Kunto: Uusi
Takuu : 1 vuoden takuu!

charger for this battery available , you can click the link and add it to your shoping cart


Makita Charger 7.2V-18V MAK-CH01

Charger for Makita 7.2V-18V LXT Li-ion tool Battery 110v-240v 50-60hz



1. About Makita Charger
Product Features:

Charge Specifications ----
The  separate universal AC adaptor(power supply)can be used with wold wied AC voltage of 110v-240v 50-60hz. It has ouput of 36v DC 2Amp and is pLugged into the hattery.

charge unit------
Battery Charge Output:is 7.2v to 18v dc 1.5A and has an automatic three stage mode of :pre-charge > Constant charge > Trickle charge

Capacity(AH):    3.OAH
Time in mins     120

Compatible with:
Charger for Makita 7.2V-18V LXT Li-ion tool Battery
Charging current =1.5A
BL1830 Charging time=120Min
BL1430 Charging time=90Min
Makita Li-ion tool battery BL1845 BL1840 BL1830 BL1815 BL1440 BL1430 BL1415 Series
Makita tool battery 1822 1420 1222 1202 1200 9122 9120 9102 9100 9002 9000 7000 Series
Makita DC7100 DC7112 DC9700 DC9710 DC18RA DC18SC DC1803 DC1804 DC1201 DC1290 DC1410 DC1412 DC1413  DC1414 DC1470 DC1439 DC14SA Charger Series

2. About Makita battery
Product Features:
Battery Type:   Li-Ion
Color:  Black
Volts:  18V
Capacity:  1500mAh/3000mAh/4000mAh/4500mAh/6000mAh
Condition:  100% New

Compatible with:
Makita BHP451,BHP451SFE,BDF451,BDF451Z,BDF452RFE,BTD140,BTD140SFE
Makita BTW251,BSS501,BSS610,BSS610Z,BSS610SFE,BJR181,BJR181Z
Makita BJV180,BML184,BML185(FlashLight),BJS130,BDA350,BFS450 
Makita BHP454,BTD141,BTDW251Z,BTP140,BTD141Z,BTD144Z,BSS610Z
Makita BTD144,BTL063,BTL061,BTL063Z,BTL061Z,BHP452,BHR240,BHR240Z
Makita BTD140Z,BTD142Z,BTD145Z,BTP140Z,BTW251Z,BTW450Z,BVR450Z
Makita BKP180Z,BGD800Z,BGD801Z,BVC350Z,BCF201Z,BCL180Z,BCS550Z
Makita BHP452Z,BJS130Z,BJS161Z,BPB180Z,BUB182Z,DHS710ZJ,BMR100
Makita BTD140Z,BDF452Z,BJV180Z,BHR202RFE,BFR750,BMR104,BTP140RF
Makita BJR181Z,BKP180RFE,BMR102,BDA351Z,BHP454RFE,BHR202

Compatible Part Numbers:

194205-3,194309-1, BL1815, BL1830, LXT400 battery
7.2V-18V DC18RA DC1414 LXT charger
AC: 110V- 240V
DC: 7.2V-18V

Uusi akut Makita 85052 18V/3000mAh Li-ion BL1830 BL1815 194205-3 LXT400 (yhteensopiva) black :: 18V :: 1500mah/3000mah/4500mah/6000mah Ilmainen toimitus Suomessa

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